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Andalusia, hot Sevilla and cold Granada

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Andalusia, hot Sevilla and cold Granada

(031117) Faro, PT -> Huelva, ES
It was time to move to Spain and the next city should be Sevilla. We wanted to make it until there. But yeah, things happen and change randomly like the follows..

We left the flat from our host and walked to the east side of the city. Near a petrol station we were picked up by a guy, who was originally from Canada. He brought us until Olhão. Not that far but ok. Unfortunately it started to rain and we decided to take the train until the border of Portugal.

From there at least we caught a car to the other side (Spain) because the border is a big river and you have to cross the highway. On the other side we arrived at a petrol station next to the highway. The problem right now was that we lost one hour (time shift) and it was getting late and dark. We sat for around 2h at the petrol station until somebody took us to Huelva at least. There we arrived around 11 PM and we had no idea where to stay. So we decided to try another strategy inspired by a guy from Poland we met in Lisbon. We prepared a nice looking sign with the words “BUSCAMOS CAMA” (We are looking for a bed).
Like this…


We walked through the city to find streets with people. After 20 minutes we stopped at a door to give people the chance to come back to us after they thought about the situation. No idea if this is going to work and how people will react. The reaction was different and interesting to see. If you look at the people you often know how they will react to our sign. At the end, two girls offered us some space. We joined their plans for the night and met more and more people. Finally we sat together with a big group of erasmus students. The most friendliest and helpful people we met in this trip (:

(041117) Huelva, ES -> Sevilla, ES
The night was over and we moved to a good spot to hitch hike. Allegedly a good place founded nobody wanted to take us to Sevilla. People were to shy here in Andalusia probably. Eventually we took a direct lift to Sevilla through Blablacar.
We arrived in the late afternoon without any plan but in mind to try “the sign” again. The first spot was too touristic that we moved to the area of Macarena. More students and the alternative district with many bars.
We had luck again, two german girls picked us up and took us to their house and we could stay there for longer.
In the evening we joined a couchsurfing hangout and had some fun with cheap beer 😀
At the couchsurfing evening we met a local guy from Sevilla who gave us a city tour today. Two more people joined us from couchsurfing. One guy was also originally from Sevilla and we could learn a lot about the city.
Here are some impressions from Sevilla.
Plaza de Espana, Sevilla, Spain, 11/2017


Plaza de Espana with one of 50 banks, Sevilla, Spain, 11/2017


A place I can not remember so far, Sevilla, Spain, 11/2017


Las setas or the mushroom that is a viewpoint, Sevilla, Spain, 11/2017


Interesting idea of how to power the tram, Sevilla, Spain, 11/2017


Torre del Oro, Sevilla, Spain, 11/2017


Archaeological Museum, Sevilla, Spain, 11/2017


Plaza de Espana, Sevilla, Spain, 11/2017
Nice tapas bar, Sevilla, Spain, 11/2017




Relict of roman columns, Sevilla, Spain, 11/2017


Feeding pidgeons, Sevilla, Spain, 11/2017


(071117) Sevilla, ES -> Granada, ES
To arrive savely in Granada we booked a lift again. One thing we did not consider, Granada is located ca. 740 m above the ocean level and closer to the highest mountains of Spain, the Sierra Nevada. When the sun is down it is getting fucking cold.
It was already evening but we tried to find a place with “our sign”. Beside we checked out the hostels in the city so that we decided to flip a coin to make a decision. Number stood for staying at a hostel. The coin decided for number. Probably the better idea 😀
At least in the hostel we found nice people to hang around with. The idea of “the sign” is also great because it is out of your comfort zone and you can  meet great people so far (:
This day we used to walk around the city. 3h far from Sevilla and the environment is completely different. Granada has a very high influence of Marocco and you can see it. By the way, the meaning of Granada is pomegranate and people sell those fruits made out of clay.
Not the only Shawarma King around, Granada, Spain, 11/2017


Big Moroccan influence, Granada, Spain, 11/2017



Church Santo Domingo, Granada, Spain, 11/2017


Sierra Nevada with Alhambra in front, Granada, Spain, 11/2017


Sierra Nevada, Granada, Spain, 11/2017


Sunset from viewpoint San Nicolás, Granada, Spain, 11/2017


Sierra Nevada, Granada, Spain, 11/2017
Fuente de las Granadas, Granada, Spain, 11/2017
Amazing sunset from viewpoint San Nicolás, Granada, Spain, 11/2017
The weather was great during the day and we walked to the river Genil. From there we followed it upwards until we needed to go back to the streets. Our next higher located destination was a viewpoint. You can see our stops on the following map.

We walked around the Alhambra to the different viewpoints and it was often a breath taking view. You can see it by the following.

Viewpoint 1, Granada, Spain, 11/2017
Viewpoint 2, Granada, Spain, 11/2017


Viewpoint 2, Granada, Spain, 11/2017


Viewpoint 3, Granada, Spain, 11/2017


Viewpoint 3, Granada, Spain, 11/2017
Today, we actually wanted to move to Murcia but our plans have changed randomly. Finally we booked a lift to Barcelona because Caro has very great friends there. But the lift was on the following day. So we went out of the hostel and had dinner at a chinese restaurant before we tried to find a place with “our sign” again.
Later, a generous girl, she was originally from England, offered us a place to stay. Again an erasmus student girl. Like I mentioned before, they are great (;
As we arrived at her place we were at a cave that she rents. The free caves in which you can live for free are higher located. It was a cool experience. I did not take any pictures in reason of her privacy.

We could not conjecture what the night will turn into. Probably the food from the chinese restaurant was so bad that my body turned over completely and I became very sick. It was the most terrible night so far in this trip. First I could feel better after vomiting.
It was a crazy experience that is impossible to bring near people. If you are NOT in your well known home and become sick you start seeing things different and appreciate everything at the highest level.

The night was over and the sun came out again. It became warmer. I could manage the sickness a bit until the evening. Our lift was at 7 PM. Our stuff was back into the backpacks and to get to the meeting point we needed to walk up a mountain.
So we said goodbye to the girl and at this point I want to tell you my biggest THANK and APPRECIATION of what YOU have done to us! <3
The way to the church of San Miguel was deadly. We thought we will not survive this. Of course we did not eat much during the day and hence we had no energy. As we entered the place of departure finally we waited a bit until our lift arrived. It was a couple with two big vans. They were on a road trip as well. We drove in the van with the girl…
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