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Barcelona, we are spontaneous

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Barcelona, we are spontaneous

I recommend you to read the last sections from the latest post to get on the right way 😉 Or watch the pictures only :p

(111117 – 121117) Granada, ES -> Barcelona, ES
On the way to Barcelona, Spain, 11/2017
We drove with the girl and the ride took us 18h because we did not drive that fast and we slept for 3 hours. Finally in Barcelona we grabbed the train from Sants station to our friends place in Cerdanyola del Valles and could have a well earned shower.
After some pizza I immediately felt asleep.
It were crazy days in this trip and I’m happy that I have survived them 😀

(131117) Barcelona, Day 1
This day was off in Cerdanyola, so we took a ride to Monistrol de Montserrat to visit the monastery. This monastery is located in the mountains and the way up was really unexpected. The first level was just like a normal way which you could enter with a car but it turned into an exhausting climbing up of many stairs. However, the view I received every time I stepped higher was all worth it. There was one point from which you could see the Balearics and the Pyrenees with only one head turn! On top of the mountain we stepped into the monastery to find the Black Madonna. It was found in the mountains in the past.
The way down was with the train. One ride costs about 5.95 EUR. If I would have been by myself, I would have walked down probably. On the other hand, I was still with less energy because of the sickness and the way up 😀
Mountains near Monistrol de Montserrat, Spain, 11/2017
The Pyrenees, Spain, 11/2017


In the background the Balearics and a bit of Barcelona, Montserrat, Spain, 11/2017


Monistrol de Montserrat, Spain, 11/2017


In the mountains, Spain, 11/2017


Monasteries in the mountains, Montserrat, Spain, 11/2017


The Black Madonna inside the abbey, Montserrat, Spain, 11/2017
(141117) Barcelona, Day 2
Relaxing, because the day before was exhausting and I was not ready yet…
(151117) Barcelona, Day 3
A new day, another new chance. This day we drove to the center of Barcelona to go to the Park GĂźell. The design of the park was made by Gaudi. You can check out the following images to have an idea of how the park looks like.
On the way to the park we passed by at a hospital. Fancy.


Barcelona from Park GĂźell, Barcelona, Spain, 11/2017


Park GĂźell, Barcelona, Spain, 11/2017


House of Gaudi in the Park GĂźell, Barcelona, Spain, 11/2017



Pillars and the roof with walkway in the Park in the park GĂźell, Barcelona, Spain, 11/2017


Main entrance of Park GĂźell, Barcelona, Spain, 11/2017



Following this we took a walk directly to La Sagrada FamĂ­lia, the biggest church in town. The design also was influenced by Gaudi.
The Arc of Triumph with a long road and close to the zoo.


(161117) Barcelona, Day 4
Another day off in reason of the sickness. It was not better at all so I needed more calm.
(171117) Barcelona, Day 5
But this day, we went out again to see more of the city what our friends have recommended. One part of the city is devided by the Rambla Street and you have on the one side the gotic area and on the other the reval area. A specific characteristic of the gotic district are the unique flagstones. You only can find them there, which is a good orientation. But let me share some impressions with you.







This place should be a big market but they found old monuments, Barcelona, Spain, 11/2017



At this wall were people shot, Barcelona, Spain, 11/2017


My new pet 😀



Arenas de Barcelona, Spain, 11/2017


Plaza Espanya, Barcelona, Spain, 11/2017


Magic Fountain of Montjuic, Barcelona, Spain, 11/2017


National Art Museum of Catalonia, Barcelona, Spain, 11/2017



Venetian towers in the background, Barcelona, Spain, 11/2017



Poble Espanyol, Barcelona, Spain, 11/2017


In the evening we meet some people via hangouts on couchsurfing. We had some drinks together and became more people by time. There were boys and girls from Peru, Ecuador, Agypt, India and Switzerland. After we changed the location to a dance bar where we learnt some salsa steps. It was much fun and you can dance really close with the other sex 😉
(181117) Barcelona, Day 6 -> Sitges
It was weekend and we took a ride to the hometown of Don Facundi Bacardi MassĂł. Sitges. This small city is admired by young people and students. Our friend told us that she was often making party there when she was a student in Barcelona.
Beach of Sitges, Spain, 11/2017


Sitges, Spain, 11/2017


Sitges, Spain, 11/2017


Reminder of Edificio Barcardi, Sitges, Spain, 11/2017



(191117) Barcelona, Day 7
Another day of hanging around. It is very important just to chill while travelling.
(201117) Barcelona, Day 8
The last day in Barcelona and we met up with a friend we got to know in Lisbon. We took the train to the center and met him at the Plaza Catalunya. He was already exploring the city but went to the Mercat de Sant Josep again to grab a fresh delicious juice. Different tastes were offered. Following this we went to the beach which we have not seen yet. It is the main beach of the city and I can imagine how many people must be there in summer. Now there were just a few, the weather was still nice. Our friend from Cerdanyola suggested us to go for a tapa called “Bomba” which is close located to the beach. A fried ball made of smashed potatoes mixed with meat. This was yummy too.
Beach of Barcelona, Spain, 11/2017


There you can eat Bombas tapas, Barcelona, Spain, 11/2017



An urban garden, Barcelona, Spain, 11/2017



House of Gaudi, Barcelona, Spain, 11/2017
Our visit in Barcelona was very spontaneous but we are really thankful that we could stay with Caros friends. After the bad night in Granada a recuperation was necessary. If you become sick while doing a backpacking trip you see things different and appreciate any help.

Enough crying, let´s go to the next city (:


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