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Madrid, final destination

(211117) Barcelona, ES -> Madrid,  ES Now it is time for the last destination before flying above the atlantic ocean. Our ride was around 6 PM so we had the half day for preparing and organising things for Cuba. For Madrid we booked a hostel for 3 nights in advance….

Barcelona, we are spontaneous

I recommend you to read the last sections from the latest post to get on the right way 😉 Or watch the pictures only :p (111117 – 121117) Granada, ES -> Barcelona, ES On the way to Barcelona, Spain, 11/2017 We drove with the girl and the ride took us…

Andalusia, hot Sevilla and cold Granada

(031117) Faro, PT -> Huelva, ES It was time to move to Spain and the next city should be Sevilla. We wanted to make it until there. But yeah, things happen and change randomly like the follows.. We left the flat from our host and walked to the east side…

Donostia – San Sebastián

(031017) Bordeaux -> Donostia Close to Spain…the way to Donostia was not to far that we decided to hitchhike again. Our host brought us to a petrol station on the highway. The weather was shit but within 5 minutes somebody from Bayonne picked us up. With the window down and…