and what is in my mind.

My name is Lorenz and I was born in 1993, so I am still a kid from the¬†nineties ūüėČ I have left Berlin on September 6th, 2017 to understand our world a little better. The decision for this step was made during my studies in the pre-last term. Then I received my degree in bachelor of computer engineering and packed my backpack…

The earlier years…

My childhood was in a small village in east Germany and I am happy of this. I did not grow up with computers and smartphones. I often was outside playing around and realising my own dreams, e.g. building my own tree house (: My father had different tools and materials that I could build probably everything.
My parents and also my grandparents drove often with my younger brother and me for vacation to different places. Traveling and visiting new places is a big interest in my family since ever.

I can remember the year when we got our first notebook. 2006. This was the beginning of a growing interest in computer stuff. I always wanted to understand more and more how these machines work. With the years, more computers stacked in our house until I built my own one.

After secondary school, I did my a-levels and I knew very soon what I want to do. I moved to Berlin to study computer engineering.

about me

Live the moment.

Beside the nerdy computer things, my social life was also very important to me. I often met friends or new people or joined a high speed project of my university. The HTW-Motorsport.
With this project, my understanding of how to lead and organise a small team grew with the position as leader of the electronics module. Within the team I could use my mechanical skills to realise tasks properly.

Following the chapter in Berlin I went on my world trip. To name a reason, which is one word:

CAPSOL  (Culture РAdventure РPeople РSharing Experience РOpen Mind РLanguage)

I want to see¬†different cultures to understand mine better. This brings lots of adventures and you can meet a lot of people to share experiences. It’s much easier if you have an open mind for all of this ūüėČ Then you also can learn new languages while speaking with people from all over the world.

And here I am, ready to experience the world in the 21th century (:


p.s.: feel free to share with me any suggestions, any questions or any thoughts you have. You can use the contact form below (: