Bordeaux, the last stop in France

(300917) Angers -> Bordeaux

We drove by bus most of the time at this day. During our 2 hour stop over in Tour, we have relaxed in a park nearby. Arriving in Bordeaux, our host picked us up and we could get first impressions of the city.

(011017 & 021017)

Our stay was close to the city centre that we could walk around during our two days stay. Since 2007, Bordeaux has been listed in the world heritage list of UNESCO. This causes a grant to fresh up the city which you can see in the following pictures (:

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Angers, settling a little

(240917) Paris -> Angers
We drove to Angers by bus because hitch hiking didn’t work well the pervious time. The ride was provided by “Ouibus” and it was really comfortable and the internet connection was stable.
We stayed five full days at a friends place. In the first evening we found out about the french procedure of eating. First, Apéro, to make you hungry, second, Entrée, before the main dish, fourth, main dish and last but not least, the desserts. A lot to eat and it should be great to me but it was getting too much later ^^. Anyways it was great <3

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