Cuba, another world

General information about this trip

My time on Cuba was from 06.12.17 until 02.01.18. It means, 28 days to explore almost the whole island. We flew with the airline “Evelop!” from Madrid, Spain to Havana, Cuba directly. The one-way flight cost 362 € with luggage included, what was a really good deal. On Cuba we stayed in Casa Particulares (CP). Such houses have rooms which tourists can rent and you are with the house owner mostly. This means contact with local people. Things like Couchsurfing is prohibited by the government and therefore having a CP is a good income for the cuban people because the general wage is between 15 CUC and 20 CUC a month! A doctor will earn like 40 CUC (information based on a host in Baracoa). 1 CUC is 0.88 € (exchange rate from 12.2017). To get from a city to another we always went by bus by Viazul. These busses can use tourists only, the cuban people have separate ones. We purchased the tickets in advance which was a good idea we realized during the trip. Buying tickets at the counter can take a lot of time and it could happen, that the bus is fully book.

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