Algarve, Faro to Lagos

(291017) Lisbon -> Faro, PT
After we came back to Lisbon from Sintra, we had to get our stuff from the hostel and meet our ride at Marquis de Pombal. The ride was at 9 PM so we were in Faro at midnight. Because we had no place to stay our driver helped us finding a suitable place. There was a park near the airport inside we tried to find a protected place. After a few minutes of walking we had a cool place in the middle of the darkness. The place must be cleaned a bit before starting to camp. As we were preparing the space some dogs started barking and the sound came closer and closer…until we realised the puffing in front of us. But we could not see anything, just heard something. We stayed calm and stood there frozen for a while. As the dogs seemed to be away we put our stuff together to look for a new place. The adrenalin kept us awake for further two hours. Meanwhile it was 3 AM. The next place was not even better because we were to close to a private ground with, wondering, dogs again. Anyways, we spent the night there and waited until the sunrise…

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