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Inside The Backpack

Pick up list for my backpack.

I was really strict with this planning. To have an idea about the estimated weight, I weighted every item and had a personal limit of 12 KG. In meanwhile the weight is about 17-19 KG, depending on the water bottles I carry with me sometimes. This weight is ok for me and I carry only necessary items with me:

backpack worldtrip equipment

Worldtrip Equipment

  • 1 Person Tent from Yellowstone *af*
    I compared the tent from Yellowstone with the Richmond 1 *af*  from Grand
    Canyon. The Richmond tent is way to small to fit with a backpack inside but that
    was an important criterion and the weight is 200 g more as specified.
  • Bodybag with RFID-Protection *af*
    To have all my important documents at one place, I dicided for this one.
  • LED Flashlight *af*
    For me it was important to have two angles of light. This flashlight fulfills my
  • Micro fibre towel *af*
    I did not know, that you can save weight at towels. This item is great, because it is
    light, small and dries really fast.
  • Travel clothesline *af*
    Wow, this is probably my favourite item I have. You can fix it almost everywhere
    and do not net any pegs. It is very feature-rich and I love such items (:
  • bite-away *af*
    I never thought, that it will work. But if you get a mosquito bite, this gadget will
    make the itch disappear. The heat will destroy the proteins of the bite.
  • Backpack by outdoorer *af*
    This backpack and this one from MountainTop I have inspected and I decided for
    the bigger one to have more space. What I can say is, that every item including the
    tent, sleeping mat and bag fit inside the backpack 😉
  • Self blowing up sleeping mat *af*
    Also at this point I could find a light and compact solution. With a height of 2.5 cm
    every hard floor is comfortable.
  • Cover for backpack *af*
    This is mandatory to protect the backpack during every flight. I used the cover a
    few times already and it is still in a good condition.
  • 3 Port USB-Charger *af*
    I am so happy to have this item. If the socket is full of charging phones, I remove
    one, put my charger into and I share one port with each other (: It was already
    useful a couple of times.
  •  Camera
  • SD-Card Reader *af*
    Meanwhile I have my computer with me. This item is almost useless but in case of
    fire I am prepared ^^.
  • Sleeping arrangements
    • Sleeping bag
      A small summer sleeping bag, because a thicker one is too big and I will stay in warm regions only.
    • Pillow
      Small, light and big regardless.
  • Hammock
    In my opinion, it is the best hammock for travelling. It is light, small and suuuper
    strong. Meanwhile, I slept for many nights inside it.
  • Without Words Book / Ohne Wörterbuch *af*
    This book contains no words, except for the title. It is useful in situations where
    the both speakers do not have one language in common.
  • Book: SAS Survival Guide *af*
    This book tells you everything about plants, terrain, camping, navigation, animals
    and many more.
  • Fire Maker *af*
    Bear Grylls inspired me, that is why I need this.
  • Hygiene Items
    Tooth brush/pasta, cumb, shampoo, Deodorant
  • Medical
    Loperamid, IBU, Malarone, Charcoal Tablets, Magnesium
  • Wearing
    6 T-Shirts, 10 Socks, 8 Underwear, 1 Long Jeans, 1 Short Jeans, Sportswear, 1
    Rainjacket, 2 Pair of Shoes, 1 Shirt, 1 Pair of Flip-Flops
  • Further Items
    • 2 Locks
    • Cutlery
    • Headphones
    • Glasses / Sunglasses (I found another one while travelling :D)
    • Small backpack

Yeah, that is it. For living, food/water and social contact is important additionally.