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AWAKEN Travel Experience – Exploring Part II

This is the last part of the Awaken-Travel-Experience. If you have not read the first part, you can do this here. In the last week I climbed very high but looked into the abyss simultaneously. We drove to south until Latacunga and Banos. From there we headed to different adventures….

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Officially I left Berlin on September 6th, 2017. An overview about the rough scheduled itinerary I have published here (only in german currently). I have no idea when I will go back or if I will go back. There was this moment in my life of, now or never. I started this trip in a perfect period.

The title “send-me-to-nowhere” came to my mind, as I thought about the itinerary. A rough route is planned but I want to levitate to somewhere, depending on the people I met and the actual mood I have (:

Enjoy reading the adventures and do not hesitate to contact me about everything (:

worldtrip plant ponte dom luis porto portugal

Taken near the bridge Ponte Dom Luís I in Porto, Portugal 08/2016